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Fire Safety Awareness

On the 3rd November, Year 2 had a visit from the Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service.  The Fire Fighters talked about the Great Fire of London and how that event in History led to the introduction of the Fire Service.


The Fire Fighters asked the children what can cause fires in our homes today and talked about the importance of smoke alarms.  They told the children how to check their smoke alarms at home and explained that if they do not have any smoke alarms or they are not working, for an adult to contact the Fire Service, who will come out and fit smoke alarms for free.



The Firefighters taught the children how to stay safe in the home and what to do if there was a fire.  


Escape Plan

Shout fire

Get out

Stay out

Get the fire brigade out

Call 999 



The children then learnt about the fire fighting equipment used today and tried on some of the clothing and equipment that a Fire-fighter would use.


The children all had a very informative and enjoyable afternoon!