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Glass Centre Visit

Year 2 had an excellent day today when they visited the Glass Centre in Sunderland.  The visit was linked into our Science topic of Materials and the children were Scientists for the day - in the morning they carried out 3 investigations and watched a glass blowing demonstration and in the afternoon they made their very own fused glass tile.


In the first investigation the children added salt to water to see what would happen - they found that salt is soluble and dissolves in water.  They then added glass frit to water to see what would happen - they discovered that glass is insoluble which means that it does not dissolve.  In the final experiment the children added water to cornflour to see what would happen - their findings this time were quite unusual.  The flour and water mixed together and when pressure was applied to the mixture it acted as a solid but when left alone it was a liquid.  The name for this type of mixture was non-Newtonian fluid.


Here are some photographs of the young Scientists at work.


The children then learnt about how glass was made and watched a glass blowing demonstration.  The commentary was very detailed and informative and the children learnt a lot.
After a spot of lunch and the added treat of seeing a lovely pheasant the children designed and created some beautiful fused glass tiles.
To finish off our fantastic trip, the children headed outside to explore the wonders of the glass roof!
Here's some photographs of the children with their finished tiles.  They all look amazing!