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Great Fire of London Workshop

Paddy from Durham University visited Year 2 today to deliver a workshop to consolidate the children's learning about the Great Fire of London.  Paddy was very impressed with the children's detailed knowledge of the fire, as well as their striking frieze and informative Newspaper reports.  Some of the children also read aloud extracts from historical books about the fire and Paddy commented on a few occasions that they were the best Year 2 readers he'd ever heard on his workshops.


The workshop started with the children acting as real Historians.  They had to try and forget what they'd learnt throughout the topic and suggest different questions they would like to find out.  They then looked at different types of historical evidence that might help answer their questions. 


They looked at how the people of London tried to put out the fire with leather buckets of water and the pitfalls of this.  They then recreated this by passing leather buckets along 2 lines of children to see who could pass 3 buckets along the lines as quickly as possible.  They competed in 2 teams, organised themselves well and both succeeded in winning a race each.  The class are extremely supportive of each other and in true sportsmanlike fashion, Olivia Yule said, "I'm glad we didn't win the last race because now we've both won one race each!"

In the next part of the workshop, the children had to identify various landmarks on a map of London in 1666 after the fire. 

In the final part of the workshop the children looked at extracts from Samuel Pepys' diary.  As well as hiding bags of gold, Pepys buried wine and cheese in the ground, the children had to decide what 5 precious things they would bury.  The children came up with some very thoughtful ideas of what they would bury although strangely enough an elf theme seemed to run through their lists!  Once they'd decided on what precious things to save the children used quill pens to write down their list on aged paper. 


The children had a great time and as usual were great ambassadors for St Bede's.  Well done Year 2!