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House of Objects

Year 1 visited House of Objects, at the Rising Sun Country Park, as part of our topic of 'The Three Little Pigs'. The children were given the challenge to design a house for a pig, to protect it from the Big Bad Wolf! The class were divided into teams, where they were given a material to build their house out of; wood, plastic, cardboard, clay and metal.

Picture 1

Plastic House Team

Wooden House Team

Clay House Team

Cardboard House Team

Metal House Team

All of the children worked creatively together, using a wide range of unwanted and recyclable materials. Look at our finished houses.

Final Designs

Final Designs 1 Plastic House
Final Designs 2 Metal House
Final Designs 3 Clay House
Final Designs 4 Wooden House
Final Designs 5

A big thank you to Emma from House of Objects, for all of her help. 

If you would like more information about House of Objects please click on the following link: