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Magical Author Visit to Y3 - 20.2.18

Y3 were privileged to welcome our Spring 'Author of the Term' Yvonne Carlin-Page to St. Bede's. Yvonne is the talented creator of the the magical, enchanting tale of 'Lily, Windy and the Witch'. The fictional adventure story is set in our locality, which means there are some familiar settings along an exciting 'Windy's Way'.


Yvonne told us about her inspiring  journey to becoming a professional writer, and the writing process to reach a final draft of a book. The Y3 children considered how we use language to describe and develop intriguing characters. We also played a few fun games together. 


Everyone had a wonderful time, while it was a brilliant launch to our new class text. Yvonne kindly also signed books for the children, who couldn't wait to read the next chapter of our adventure.