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Meet the Staff

Mrs N. Park – Head Teacher                                      (Music Co-ordinator)

Teaching Staff

Year 6 - Mrs C. Devine – Deputy Head Teacher      (Literacy, Religious Education & KS2 Co-ordinator)
Year 5 - Mrs N. Mackley – SENCO                            (Mathematics Co-ordinator and SENco)
Year 4 - Mr D. Mackenzie – Senior Leader              (Pupil Progress, Assessment and ICT Co-ordinator)
Year 3 - Mr B. McVittie – Senior Leader                  (History & Physical Education, Extended Schools Co-ordinator)
Year 2 (AM) - Mrs L. Purvis – Senior Leader           ( KS1 and D and T Co-ordinator)
Year 2 (PM) - Mrs. C. Kennedy                                
Year 1 - Mrs K. McVittie                      (Science & Personal, Social, Health and Economics Co-Ordinator)
Reception - Miss K. Dixon
Nursery - Miss H. Storey                                            (Foundation Stage Co-Ordinator)
Support Staff

Miss E. Moffett
Mrs L. Welsh                                                              (Family Support Officer)
Mrs E. Waters
Mrs L. McDonald
Miss S. Wood                                                             (Art Co-ordinator, Senior Education Practitioner)
Mrs J. Molenda
Mrs C. Wheeler
Mrs D. Dunn
Miss J. Cobb - Nursery Nurse
Mrs S. Miller - Nursery Nurse
Mrs. A. Sparks- Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. T. Brown- Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. C. Whitfield- Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. A. Tooley- Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. D. McQueen- Supervisory Assistant
Mrs. A Griffiths - School Secretary
Mr D. Black - School Caretaker