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National Glass Centre Visit

Year 2 had an amazing visit to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland today.  The day started with a Science 'Changing States' workshop - the children had to classify images of materials into liquids and solids and then in groups they carried out some exciting experiments.

As real Scientists do the children made predictions before carrying out each experiment, they then wrote up their Method and Conclusion, noting down what actually happened and why.  They impressed the tutor with their Scientific knowledge and learnt lots of new information and vocabulary as well.


In the first experiment, the children had to mix a teaspoon of salt and water together to find out if salt dissolves in water - is it soluble?

In the second experiment, the children mixed glass frit with water. concluding that glass frit is insoluble and does not dissolve in water.

The third experiment proved to be a bit of a conundrum as when mixing corn flour with water the children had to decide if the mixture was a solid or a liquid.  The resulting gloop was very gooey and the children relished the feeling of it, after rolling up their sleeves to keep clean of course!  They found that when you apply pressure to the mixture it acts as a solid but when pressure is taken away it acts as a liquid.

The final experiment was carried out to investigate what happens when vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed together.  See the children's faces to view their surprised reactions.
The tutor then tested the children on their knowledge of reversible and irreversible changes.  As expected their knowledge was superb and they got 100% of the questions right, pushing the tutor to 'make them harder!'
The morning continued with a fantastic glass blowing demonstration.
Finally we sat down to an extremely well deserved lunch. Hurray!

In the afternoon the children showed off their creative skills by designing and decorating their own glass tile with different coloured pieces of glass frit and mosaic glass pieces.  The teachers were even allowed to make one each too! 


Exhausted after our busy day we headed home with some of the children even having a little nap on the bus!

After we'd left, the tiles were put in a kiln to be fired.  Here's some photographs of our amazing creations!