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New Playground Markings!

During the Summer holidays Mr & Mrs. McVittie met with RG Construction to finalise the design and location of new playground markings in the Infant yard. A five-lane sprinting track, agility, balance and co-ordination shark trail, target throw area and twister zone have been created for our children. Maths links have also been made with a large multi-coloured 100 square, ‘happy’ clock face and navigational compass. A long jump area and new basketball nets have been added to the junior yard. We still aim to make further enhancements to the area later this academic year.


We hope that these developments will have an instant impact by encouraging more children to be purposefully active during breaks and lunch times. There should also be a positive academic impact, as children who develop good agility, balance and co-ordination show better cognitive processing; which helps them to become more effective learners. Meanwhile, the Maths resources will be utilised by teachers in the appropriate lessons.


The new yard markings will consequently also benefit children in the future who attend St. Bede’s.


Finally, thank you very much to the St. Bede's PTA who work extremely hard for our school; they have raised and contributed a significant amount of money towards the costs.