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Oriental Museum Visit

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Oriental Museum in Durham today.  The visit was packed with lots of different activities.  Firstly, the children learnt about the story of the Chinese zodiac and how each year in the Chinese year was dedicated to one of twelve different animals.


As the children were born in either 2010 or 2011 they found out that their zodiac animal was either a 'Tiger' or a 'Rabbit.'

The children were then split into 3 groups and were given a set of questions to find out about different artefacts within the Museum.  They were great explorers and learnt lots of interesting facts. 


The leader then taught the children about Shadow Puppetry and as it is the Year of the Dog they got to make and take home their very own shadow dog.  Here they are at work.

After a well earned lunch, the children were shown a tunic which was over 100 years old.  The tunic was decorated with motifs of various animals and the children had to be Historians and examine evidence to work out who the tunic may have belonged to.  Through learning about the qualities and symbolism of different animals, the children identified that the owner of the tunic was an Emperor's son - the motifs symbolising wealth and power.
After a quick selfie the children got to handle some artefacts and listened to the Leader retell the Story of Nian.

Lastly, the children enjoyed a spot of dragon dancing around the Museum.


We had a fantastic visit and some of the children were so exhausted they had a little nap on the bus back to school!


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