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Pupil Led Class Liturgies

The children enjoy preparing collective worship so that they can celebrate with their friends in class.  In small groups, the children enjoy planning and leading an Act of Worship (Class Liturgy).  Each week another group takes a turn to plan and lead the Liturgy.


The children use a set of cards to help them plan their Act of Worship.  These are split into 4 areas:


  • ‘Gather’ - how the children gather together to worship
  • 'Listen to God’s Word’ - the children choose a piece of Scripture to share with the class
  • 'Response to the Word’ - how the children respond to the Word of God through prayer
  • 'Mission' - how the children wish to take the message away with them


​​​​​​​Examples of the children's Pupil Led Liturgies are held in the respective class RE Floor Books.