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St. Bede's at Sports Central Newcastle !

A fantastic one hundred people from our school community supported the basketball team in the District finals, at Sports Central Newcastle, on Friday March 15th. This was wonderful and showed the supportive nature of the families within our school! The team were sadly knocked out of the competition in the semi-finals, by the outstanding, eventual champions. Nevertheless, the team deservedly received warm applause, as they returned to their seats after their determined performance. Even in the face of defeat the team finished the game strongly, showing their pride to play all the way to the end.

After the school games everyone sat back and enjoyed an exciting Newcastle Eagles basketball match and added a lot to the vocal, fun atmosphere. I’m sure there will be some young faces amongst the St. Bede’s crowd who will pick up the baton next year and attempt to guide us once again to a District finals night! A massive thankyou to all the players and families in attendance, on a brilliant sporting and community occasion for the school.

B. McVittie

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