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West Boldon Lodge

As part of our work in Science, Year 2 visited West Boldon Lodge.  Although it rained from when we arrived until when we left, the children's spirits were not dampened and they had great fun.  The children explored different habitats and the creatures that live there, they also learnt about how nature changes throughout the year.


We started our day by visiting the pondland area where the children enjoyed pond dipping in 3 different types of pondland to find out about the creatures that live in each one and why.

Watch the videos to hear how excited the children were with their findings.


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After visiting the pondland, the children explored the woodland habitat - they hunted for mini beasts and collected them in bug finders for closer inspection.
After a welcome bite to eat and a chance to dry off the children ventured out again to learn about how nature changes throughout the year.  We split into 4 groups and searched for natural materials to create some natural artwork of the 4 seasons.  Look how creative Year 2 are.
Spring - The children created a beautiful Spring picture with a flower, apple tree, bird in a nest (on the left) and even a person crossing a bridge (on the right).
Summer - The children created a fantastic picture of Summer, with a tree in full bloom, a yellow sun shining brightly, a sunflower and some birds made from acorns flying in the sky.
Autumn - The children created an excellent eye catching rainbow picture using all of the colours that you would find throughout the seasons to represent the green leaves of Summer, turning yellow then brown and black in Autumn as they die and fall from the trees.
Winter - The children created a dramatic snapshot of Winter in this lovely picture.  The dark, bare branches of the trees in Winter stand in contrast to the snow covered ground made from old leaves found on the woodland floor.
Tom from West Boldon Lodge was so impressed with the children's attitude and behaviour throughout the day that he suggested we end the day with a campfire as a special treat.  The children had an amazing time toasting and eating yummy, gooey marshmallows.